Lose Weight Quick

Fitness has become a huge trend nowadays among teens, young adults and adults. In other words, working out is a way of living and it can benefit you in many ways. Now, losing weight can be quite a challenge for many reasons. One of the main reason is that most people lack motivation. I believe motivation and consistency is what’s going to take you there, even when you feel like quitting, a little motivation can mean a huge difference.

The journey of losing weight is very long and you can’t expect to see good results fast, unless you embark yourself on a good healthy diet regime. Dieting is very important when trying to lose weight because the amount of calories you will need has to be less than the amount of calories you’ll burn. Let me rephrase that better, so you can have a better understanding of what you need to do. You need to intake less calories and burn more calories.

Your food is the key to succeed. You must eat clean all the time. Do your research and gather as much info as you possibly can about your diet. Knowing what’s inside your meal would help you a lot in losing weight, so start to read the labels of your food. I don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating things, but this is the most efficient way to achieve this goal.

To burn calories fast you would need to incorporate some intense workouts to your routine. I normally start running on the treadmill for about 15 to 20 minutes, this would help me to loosen up and get my body ready for the next part. If you need burn more fat I recommend you to spend more time in the treadmill. When you are running on the treadmill don’t just walk, force yourself a little and try to run faster than you normally do. Get your body involved by pushing it to go over your limits. Your body needs to sweat and burn calories, and the more you push your boundaries the more calories you burn.

After I run and sweat my ass off on the treadmill, I continue with my abs routine.

My abs routine consists in leg raising, regular crunches, and planking. I don’t like to rest in between exercises because I’m looking forward to burning the most calories. If you can’t do this it’s fine, but push yourself and try to go beyond your limits.

Don’t rest in between exercises, but give yourself a 30 seconds rest after you have completed one set of each exercise altogether. This would allow you to catch your breath while getting ready to repeat everything again. That’s when you start feeling the intensity of your workouts and your body starts to heat up and burn those calories.

After you finish your abs routine you can go ahead and jump to whatever you are working on that day. Your chest, your back, your legs, whatever exercise you do, challenge your boundaries and set your own time to finish each exercise. This way you would feel pushed and committed to complete each tasks.

Next time you workout try the intense workout plan and you’ll see how in a couple of week your body starts to get leaner.

So, if you’re looking to have a slimmer body, combine a good and healthy diet with intense workout.



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