Annoying Game

Flappy Bird The Next Big Game

Just when I thought I’ve had enough of candy crush, which I played for a long time, yet another awesome game has been dropped. Of course I’m talking about Flappy Bird. I’m very sure a lot of you already have it in your phones.

It’s an addiction already. People all around are talking about flappy bird. Super challenging, but most of the time annoying because of the difficulties you have to face going through those pipes.

Flappy bird is easy to play, just flap to fly. Fly your way through the pipes without crashing against them.

The game is probably the most annoying game you can ever play in your entire life. I don’t understand how someone can even think of creating such an irritating game like this one.

Flappy bird is here to annoy you and irritate you in every possible way. It would put you on the edge, to the point where you’d be screaming at your phone, literally.

The concept of the game is to drive you crazy. I mean, you would get really pissed at the game, but yet you’d keep on playing it like a maniac. If you like to be tortured, then this is the perfect way to be tortured.

Flappy Bird Shuts Down.

On Sunday 9th, February 2014, Dong Nguyen twitted that he was going to shut down flappy bird for good.

This whole thing came down like a vortex to all flappy bird’s fans. It all happened weeks after flappy bird took off and emerged like the most download game in the App Store and Google Play.

Flappy Bird popularity grew so fast around the globe that it was considered to be the game of the year. Dong Nguyen (its creator) said via Twitter that he couldn’t take it no more. The game was very addicting, but the level of difficulty to play was outrageous.

People’s frustration with the game was creating an annoying reputation about the game, and yet it was still very addicting.

What’s going to happen after his decision of shutting down the game? It is uncertain the future of this game. Dong Nguyen doesn’t want to speak about it and he made it very clear, he’s not selling the game.

Latest news On Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen is Bringing The Popular Game Back to The App Store.

It has been a roller-coaster for the creator of “Flappy Bird” Dong Nguyen after taking down the popular game. He said he will bring back the famous game back to the App Store. Now, fans of the extremely popular game “Flappy Bird” all around the word can expect to be able to download the notorious game once again. So, if you deleted the game at some point during your frustration do not worry about it. Though its creator Dong Nguyen said he will bring back the game to the App Store, he did not specified when. We’re glad to hear this good news though, we don’t know for sure when we’ll be able to play the game again. This is the latest news we’ve received from Dong Nguyen on his idea of bringing back “Flappy Bird” after a long recess.